My suspension bike purchase history starts with a Horst type Shock-A-Billy because it was the first thing I tried that really worked. I've had other Horst/FSR, tried all sorts of things but have been happy with a single pivot for 5 years with plush or platform switch getting me what I need. Where I'm going here is my single pivot bike hasn't made any creaks or needed any maintenance in the time associates have taken their bikes apart and replaced parts.

The new Trek releases are full of marketing hype and bike colors I don't like but that RE:aktiv stuff sounds like next generation or better mouse trap for the Specialized BRAIN or what I recall Currnutt/Foes might have done.

My experience with Fox shocks is great reliability. Am I alone in thinking Trek might be onto something with more sophisticated shock and more basic linkage? Have I missed news of their brake pivot axle being the same sort of problem as the multi-link suspensions?

If "regressive" indeed gives the hard tail or VPP feel when you want it but also plush when you need it I may be sticking with the single pivot.

Now to hope for the new shocks in a 140 mm bike and colors that won't look stupid dated in short order.

P.S. Suspension and shock design aside, if Santa Cruz is competition for Trek and Specialized they get points for color options and not going Wal-Mart, low class or stupid with on bike advertisements. I know, some will pay a lot more for a hammer if the marketing and art department get a trademark and cool logo for their version stone age technology.