In Search of the All-Everything-
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    In Search of the All-Everything

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post, but have been riding for a long time. I'm looking to upgrade to a new All-Mountain/XC bike that accommodates all of the riding I currently do on my Trek EX9. I looked at the Felt Edict 1 and FRD, Pivot Mach 4, and Trek models Fuel EX & Remedy. I'm not familiar with the likes of Santa Cruz or Yeti, so please forgive my ignorance for some.

    I'm 5'10", 195lbs @10% approximately, so I'm not too little. In my spare I like to play Ice Hockey and MTN bike with friends and family. Very active and love the outdoors for all winter sports.

    My real query is related to buying a composite frame, I'm nervous the creaking will be too much of a distraction when riding. I'm an avid up-hiller, so have a set of healthy legs. I looked at Felt because of the new Tex-Treme? carbon fiber technology that is supposed to be very stiff and for the most part silent. Can anyone comment here?

    Thanks for your time if so.

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    Although I do not have a Felt, I do have a name brand carbon fiber bike which was $6,000 and for that much you'd figure it wouldn't creak like an old boat. But sometimes, yes, it does. Its the nature of the beast. I mean its 19.8 lbs, full XTR w/ Maguras. If I wanted a creak-free bike it would be an alloy at 1/3 of what I paid or even less.

    I'm guessing the creaking may come from the carbon seat post, the bottom bracket is so fat full of carbon layers i doubt its coming from there. The carbon stem and handlebars, you'd think with the climbing stress would make noise but no.

    The distracting is OK with me because of the weight and mainly because I'm riding faster than I ever did so it makes up for the creaks. If you go carbon you can't go back.
    I have 2 alloy bikes and I ride them ONLY when its slacker time. Meaning I need to ride them because I'm out of shape.

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    Thanks for the reply fatcat. I'm looking to go forward with a carbon bike, but trying to fit the budget. Seems there are sooo many good brands out there, it's hard to nail down a manufacturer that is hands down better than the rest. I don't believe there is one.

    Besides, who doesn't like ice cream!! It's time to jump right in and get eating!

    SLAP!! Don't concentrate on the finger... Or you'll miss all of that heavenly glory!

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