Hi all,
I've posted my subject in the wrong forum (beginners) , haven't seen that you have a special forum for frame sizes , that's great
I've decided on the bike: Scott Scale 80 = 570 euros.
I just cant decide on the frame size.
I've owned a bike that had the top tube length of XL version
and seat tube length of XXL version.
So I'm a bit confused .....
Here are my specs

height 193 cm = 6.33202 feet
inseam length 87 cm = 34.2519 inches

Here is the geometry for Scott Scale 80

I've sat on bot frame sizes ,and on the xxl , I feel that I'm a bit stretched ( a little in the arms, as to my previous bike)
And on the xl version the seat-post sticks out for about 5 cm more as opposed to the xxl version (seat tube length difference between two models is 5 cm ) , so it really sticks out a lot , but there is at least 10 -15 centemeters left in the frame.

Also stem length for those both models is 120 mm , so maybe if I could use a shorter stem length on xxl.... or something like that?
Also I could push the seat back for 1 cm on xl frame...

I have to pick up one of them in the morning...
Any help is greatly appreciated