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    Which saddle to buy?

    Hi everyone! I have a Cube Analog 2019 and I've a problem with a saddle, when I ride it for longer distance it starting to pinch me and then I need to get up. I want to buy a new saddle and the most important thing is that it's comfortable for long rides. Which one of this you recommend?




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    This is like asking which shoes are comfortable for me? And contrary to many beginner's beliefs, big fat squishy saddles are often not more comfortable for long rides. Look at many racers and long distance rider's saddles. Big saddles can cause more chaffing and rubbing.
    Little changes in positioning can make a difference too, sometimes again going against what some people think, often tilting the saddle nose up slightly can help. Too nose down and you slide foreward on the saddle.
    Shifting handlebars lower and more forward moves your weight foreward and more on hands, less on bum.
    Do you have a nice local bike shop? Some will have loaner saddles you can try out. And if they have good staff they can help you out on positioning too.

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    I picked up an Ergon SM-Pro recently for my new bike. I have historically ran a Charge Spoon but the Ergon shape is flatter and a little better. Also has nice ride quality on my HT and available in two different sizes. Worth a consideration.
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    As mentioned, this is highly personal. That said, try a Specialized Power saddle after attending at an LBS to have your sit bones measured. Or measure them yourself. Make sure you get the right size!

    Most shops have a 30 day return policy on the Specialized saddles, no questions asked. So no real risk if you go that route.

    Get whichever level of Power you like. I have a number of Power Experts, which I find to be a decent balance in terms of bang for the buck.

    Good luck.
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