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    Rookie Looking For Something Entry-Level

    Hey guys. I'm trying to make an informed purchase on my first quality mountain bike. I wasted some money recently on something not-so-good () and I'd really prefer to not do so again. Now seems like the perfect time to do some information gathering as I'm told my LBSs will be trying to move out the 2010 inventory to bring in the 2011 soon, and a closeout deal on a 2010 model would find no beef with me. Help a brotha out!

    1) Your budget: I'd like to keep it as far under 400 as possible.
    2) What bikes, if any, are you already considering? Specialized Hardrock (base)
    3) What type of riding do you intend to do? Light trails in my area (Dallas TX)
    4) Do you have a preference over a hardtail or full suspension? No sir!
    5) Age, weight and height: 15, 145, 6'
    6) What sources will you consider buying from? LBS, craigslist, any other local used sources
    7) Do you want people to offer you alternative suggestions to issues such as budget, bikes already considered, and sources? Please!

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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    Well if you look through the beginners' corner you will see many threads with the same situation, or similar, as yours. Best pieces of advice are:
    1.) go out and ride bikes are your local LBS, fit is your #1 priority. Ride as many brands as you can and find the geometry that fits you best, even go to an LBS and get fitted.
    2.) buy as much bike as you can afford upfront. By buying a lower bike and then upgrading components in a few months you will be spending more than you would have for a better, new bike. Your best deal, unlike everything else that you can DIY, will be buying everything already on the bike. Try pricing out a low level bike with similar components and you will see
    3.) Make sure of what you will ride, no need in getting something more than you will need if all you are riding is flat, gravel roads.
    4.) Make as educated a decision as possible. I was originally looking at base everything, ~$400, and my budget has slowly been creeping up to about $800 now because of the trails I will ride, type of riding I do, and plans with the bike (go disc if you can!!)
    5.) Check craigslist, you can get some great bikes for cheap if you are patient and watch it.

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