I hope this is the right forum for this. Couldn't find any better place.

I picked up a 2011 BMC STR01 XL frame (I'm 6'-4") to use as a hybrid/gravel type bike. I'll ride it on the roads in the spring before the salt and crap gets cleaned up and I get my road bike out. I'll use it for rides with my girlfriend on roads and light dirt trails, and I might take it on some light off roading myself. I'll also probably use it as a commuter here and there.

The bike was labeled as a comfort/hybrid bike with a 63mm travel front fork. From the limited info out there, i'm pretty sure the original fork had an axle to crown of 467mm and a 43-44mm rake. Based on this, i was thinking the ideal fork height subtracting 25% of the travel would be 467mm - 0.25x(63mm) = 451mm.

I would want this bike to be a little more aggressive than it was originally intended for, so I was thinking about going with a 440-445mm axle to crown. I would like to go with a chromoly fork to avoid the concern with breaking a chinese carbon fork, and to keep the ride more comfortable than an aluminum fork. Right now the prospects are:

- On-One CroMo 26er MTB Fork (disc) - 440mm/39mm rake - 1200g - $122 shipped
- Surly ECR 27.5+ - 447mm/43mm rake - weight??? - $125 shipped
- Surly Ogre - 447mm/43mm rake - 1400g - $131 shipped
- Soma MTB chromoly (disc) - 453mm/43mm rake - 1224g - $131 shipped
- Soma MTB chromoly (disc) - 440mm/43mm rake - 1202g - $131 shipped

The surly's are probably the optimal height for what I am looking at, but they seem to be quite heavy. So I was leaning toward the Somas. The 453mm version is probably right is line with the original geometry of the bike, but I was looking to go a little more aggressive. Would the 440mm version be too low in your opinion?

Are there any other forks that I should consider in the same price range that are actually available? I'm looking to run a 29x2.0(ish) tire on the bike.

PS - Just for some more information.....I found this ebay listing of my exact frame (just is size L instead of my XL) in which it was built up similar to what I am looking to do:
Rigid fork for BMC STR01 frame-bmc-str01.jpg

I actually contacted the seller and he was very helpful. He agreed with the original specs that I came up with. He said the carbon fork he used is 475mm axle to crown, and he felt it was too high in the front, but it still rode ok. So if I went with a 440mm axle to crown, I would be dropping the front 1 3/8" from his set up. Just going visually from his pictures, I think that would be ok. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!