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    Rigid 26er fork recommendation

    Rigid 26er fork recommendation-temp-bici.jpg

    This is my current commuter build on my old Leader 515H. I like the frame because it's crisper and stiffer than my other 26 frame, which is a Sette Reken. To me the Reken feels more "absorbent" (for an AL rigid frame). But this Voodoo Zombie fork is too tall. my own measurement shows an a-to-c of 479mm. When I had a Reba w/U-turn on this bike, I like the handling/geometry set to 85mm travel (with the lock/way I had it set up, there shouldn't have been much sag, high threshold on the gate.)

    As it is now, the front wheel wants to turn to one side or the other, like when I'm just standing with the bike, the front wheel will easily swing to the side. I suspect it's the rake combined with the headtube angle that results from the tall fork.

    I was thinking about getting a shorter rigid fork, which also woud allow me to have a longer steerer tube, and then I wouldn't have to buy a higher rise stem. (I don't want t lower the bars too much.)

    I'll probably swap frames at some point, as this one is a bit too short for me. I have super long alien arms. But I was thinking a taller stem with some drop bars might help stretch tings out.

    So...fork choices are any of the Surly forks, the cheapie Mosso bladed fork from ebay, a few other generic ones on ebay, the Civia Loring fork...I use disc brakes, and extra mounting points are cool but not a deal breaker.

    I wonder what the "correct" a-to-c would be for this frame, or for another XC type frame like the Sette. I also considered one of those Jensen cheapie black frames, even more stealth than the Leader. In any case I think this Voodoo fork is just too long but I'm not sure which fork to replace it with.

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    I recently bought a Salsa rigid fork on ebay for my older Norco steel hardtail frame. Only paid 60 for it and it had little use, but you can buy a new one for around 90-100 online. Just make sure you buy the 85 mm travel adjusted one or even 100 might work.

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    Hi there,

    I have the Surly Instigator on my steel Airborne frame and have been very happy with it. The fork is solid and the fit and welds are very nicely done. The finish is great and has held up well against the rock gardens I subject it to frequently on the local trails here... I have the 100mm version but it comes in an 80mm, as well.

    I also have the Nashbar rigid fork on my neighborhood bike. The finish is not quite as nice, but the fit and welds, etc... are every bit as good as the Surly, as far as I can tell. At $50 it's a hard deal to beat.

    Good luck-


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    The Reba in 85mm mode is 458mm axle to crown. Give 20% sag, or 21mm, and you get 437mm.

    I would look in that length range. Standard offset is usually 39mm so forks with more offset will slightly quicken steering as well.

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