Hey all, new to the forums here. Hoping to get some feedback on this..

I just bought a Mongoose Ritual bike, pretty shwag, but I'm interested in possibly switching out frames and a few other pieces. The 'goose is a 26/24 compatable, which makes it a bit heavy for me (i'm tiny.. 5'3 // 120), and the wheelbase is a bit long. I'm looking at a Revell Dual MTB 24, 24" specific. I was hoping that someone out there has one of these frames, and can give me some dimensions so I can see if getting the new frame would dramatically decrease my wheelbase. Right now I'm a good 5+ inches from the bb, making it hard as hell to even pull up on this bike for easy urban jumps.

If anyone can help or knows someone, please don't hesistate to respond back.