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    replacement for a 2000-2001 fisher Sugar 2

    My beloved sugar 2 was stolen last weekend. my insurance company has asked me to find a comparable replacement bike, but being that things have progressed so much since that bike was what i thought was the second to the top of the line FS gary fisher, i'm a little lost as to what's comperable now.

    the sugar had:
    sid XC
    cane creek sd-10
    time atac pedals
    XT components + xtr detrailer
    bontrager/crossride wheels

    i guess i'm looking at a hifi29 deluxe, or a trek fuel EX 8.

    can the forumers offer any other guidance?



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    the bad news is...

    there's a lot of choice of some really excellent bikes; most all crappy FS designs are gone from the market, save for the Wallyworld boat anchors. Bad news? Deciding which bike to buy can be a headache.

    The HiFi deluxe, Trek EX series, Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, and Giant Trance X series all garner top remarks and points from critics, mags, and riders. More boutique-ish bikes that rate highly are Santa Cruz Blur series, Norco Fluid series, Ventana, Yeti, and more. Cannondale I know very little about, sorry.

    You don't say how you ride and I can't tell how much travel you're after, but as anyone here will tell you, just do a little homework, ride a few test bikes, make your choice and you'll be set for years.

    Lastly, you'll find the new bikes handle better and need less maintenance. If you ride in the wet, or where it is wet, get discs. If you're in AZ or similar, Vbrakes will do, but they are increasingly hard to find, and there's no longer any weight advantage. Discs simply offer far more consistent control, very much like your car brakes: they just work when you need them.

    Good luck, Jim

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    ride hard take risks
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    Back then

    Today it's probably worth about $400-500
    Formotion Products

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