Reach adjust headsets, change reach and wheelbase... anything else?-
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    Reach adjust headsets, change reach and wheelbase... anything else?

    Trying to wrap my head around reach adjust headsets. Presuming that the stock headset is a zero-stack and the reach adjust is also a zero-stack on bottom , I'm wondering what numbers will be affected. I'm thinking: 1) reach - duh, 2) wheelbase, and 3) front center. Am I missing anything? I understand that the work's components flavor is an external cup (edit: on the top cup), but I run ftons of spacers anyway, so I'd just remove one to preserve bar position.
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    Iíve ridden two different bikes with adjustability in the frame:
    1) Scott gambler, which had an adjustable wheelbase at the rear axle so it didnít affect reach, and it had an adjustable BB height, and it had an adjustable headset angle from 61-65 degrees. I loved mine in low and long, and another friend who rode his in high and short.
    2) Guerrilla Gravity Revved Shred Dogg and Megatrail. I rode the Shred Dogg in short and long mode, and I didnít even like the way it felt in short mode. Others do. Supposedly it only changed the reach and wheelbase, but I didnít like the feel, so I run my shred dogg in long mode. They also have two headset cups available: a zero stack and a tall one. The tall one will raise the front end something like 10-14mm (Sorry I donít know off the top of my head), and slacken the front end a full degree.
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    I also ride a Guerrilla Gravity bike with an adjustable headset, which I have run in the long (+10mm) and short settings (zero), also tried a short (zero) low cup and a tall (10mm) lower cup.

    There's really no disadvantage to this system if it's done right, which GG has done in spades, and the benefits are huge if you like to play with bike set up or you want a more versatile bike.

    Reach, wheelbase, and front center would change.

    No significant change in HTA, STA, or BB height unless you run the tall lower cup.

    Think of the change as you would a 10mm longer stem, but the entire front end moves fore or aft 10mm.

    To preserve bar position, hmmm, probably not enough change to make a difference, maybe change the stem spacers by 2mm or so.
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    I think you refer to cane creek angleset headset. It adjusts the headangle and therefore the reach, front centre and wheelbase

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