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    Questions about CroMoly frame quality

    Hello all

    I was wondering whether anyone her with proper knowledge could give me some feedback on the quality of the cromo parts in question.

    I went to look at a cross/gravel bike called Author Ronin ( AUTHOR Ronin 2017 - triple butted chromoly frame and not having much of an experience with CroMo frames I wasn't sure whether what I was looking at was a result of quality workmanship or just cheaply built (although the bike in question is very well specced)

    I took few pictures of the fork dropouts and the brake mounts and I am curious whether people here would find this to be acceptable.

    Fork brake mount
    Questions about CroMoly frame quality-20180909_130801.jpg

    Fork leg
    Questions about CroMoly frame quality-20180909_130817.jpg

    Rear brake mount
    Questions about CroMoly frame quality-20180909_130913.jpg

    Fork dropout
    Questions about CroMoly frame quality-20180909_130949.jpg

    Chainstay dropout
    Questions about CroMoly frame quality-20180909_130929.jpg

    Apologies for the out of focus images, didn't realize how poor they were until I viewed them on my desktop.

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    I'm not an authority here, but i'm a hobbyist framebuilder. I have no professional metalwork education/experience at all.

    The discoloration you see around the water bottle bosses and dropouts was a stylistic decision. That could have been sanded off with minimal effort. Or covered over with non-translucent paint. It looks like good work from my amateur perspective.

    With the brake tab it looks like they used a bunch of filler to connect the tab to the stay. I've never TIG'ed, only brazed, so i have no opinion about this. It's not how i would do it on a frame i was building; i file the tabs so they have full contact with the tube, but my time is free cuz it's a labor of love. That was definitely a time-saver. Philosophically, i don't like it, but depending on the execution and tube wall...? I don't know.

    I've seen lots of mediocre work on production frames. If the frame was designed around those practices it's probably fine. I don't feel totally comfortable critiquing a professional's work and i'm just replying so you get a response.
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    Interesting paint choice. If they had chosen an opaque pait, you'd never see those details.

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