Question re: chasing BB threads-
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    Question re: chasing BB threads

    I just ordered an ORBEA frame. The packaging sheet had a "frame prep checklist" that indicates that the BB threads and disk brake mount threads were chased. However, both areas still have paint in them. The threads are clearly defined, but the ridges and valleys still have the paint coating. I always thought that the purpose of chasing the threads was to remove the paint

    1. Do I need to take the frame and pay someone to re-chase it? (I am using a threaded external bearing BB)
    2. Will running an old BB through be sufficient?
    3. Am I worrying over nothing?
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    Where did you order the Orbea frame from, take a pic and send it to the shop you bought. If it's a private sale, has this frame been repainted? Do you have any problem installing disc calipers or BB?

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