Hi guys,

I started a topic a while ago (elsewhere) asking for recommendations for a full-suss bike. However, I've now decided against this and am definitely going to go for a hardtail and hoping to get it next week. This is mainly due to the better specs for the money.

My new dilema is which of the following should I opt for (Whyte 905 1) or On One 456 XT? Both look pretty good and I've read some favourable reviews. However, I do not live near stockists for either brand which is pretty annoying. So any input is valuable.

I'm looking to get into a bit of singletrack and cross country, possibly some freeride.

Bearing in mind the On One is slightly cheaper so I would also be able to afford some new pedals and shoes with the price difference between that and the Whyte.

Alternatively, fire away with different suggestions.

Post your opinions!