Ok y'all,

i've been torturing myself of late by trying to decide between a used Cortina DHE8 and a used Intense M1. I originally wanted a more "freeride" frame, but here in california, it seems like the trails are either pretty much downhill or XC. So i already have an xc bike, now it's time to start dropping.....These are both racing frames, i know, but if you are reading this you probably have a bike addiction too and if i had the money and the space i'd get both QUICK.

This is what i have discovered about both frames:

Cortina DHE8:
Locally built in Santa Barbara, it's a used, heavy bombproof frame, elaborate parallelogram linkage with a Rock Shox resivoir shock providing 8" of travel. Here on MTBR there's lots of good things mentioned about the frame. There's one frightening comment that's been made twice regarding the head tube thickness, and how it will fail like tin foil. Any info on this would be really cool...Great design IMO, really unique, and is currently running a StratosS8 fork which is monstrous.

Beauty of a frame. awesome welds, etc. Pure bike porn. 8", i've heard that the seatstay/chainstays break VERY frequently. can anyone confirm or deny? (i've heard mainly because of the big stresses imposed on those tubes from the FSR design itself). i mean, it's meant to be raced, how can it win yet be known to fail on the trail? Also, i might be going out on a limb to get flamed, but isn't it just a glorified FSR? And the lack of a replacable rear derailleur hanger is a big concern.

Any help would be much appreciated. i hope M1 owners bash the DHE8 and vice versa. with bikes, it's easy to do.....