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    Opinions please: Steel HT or lower-end FS

    Looking to change out my frame. Narrowed down to a couple of choices. Staying at the lower cost for a reason. Looking at the Zion 660 or the Jamis Dakar sport. I ride singletrack/XC/Xterra stuff. No big drops, no real DH/FR/etc. Is a steel HT that much more comfortable than an ALU HT? Is a lower end FS worth the trouble? the Dakar is $385 now at Jenson and the 660 is $249. I have a decent fork, X-7 and decent Hayes Mechs., etc. Just need a decent frame to complete the package.

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    Both frames have their pros and cons. You need to decide which is better for you because both are good options. FWIW, the Dakar frame isn't really low end, and it's a steal at $385, IMO.

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    Is a steel HT that much more comfortable than an ALU HT
    yes, very much so.

    Is a lower end FS worth the trouble?
    technically no, but the dakar is not a low end bike, it is a fantastic bike.
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    Zion steel hardtail frame - 4.45 lbs (size17)
    Dakar fully frame - 6.49 lbs (size 17)

    Zion - will pedal crisply, efficiently.
    Dakar way more comfortable.

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    Steel HT vs Al HT is steel all the way.
    Steel HT vs cheaper Al FS I think is the real question.
    Basically the HT will still be a good HT (or SS) 10 years from now while the FS likely will be upgraded at some point in the (near ?) future. But the FS will be more comfortable and heavier and handle lazy riding techniques better. The HT will be lighter and develop trail reading and bike handling skills. Hell, what do I know. I've got one of each and a rigid and they all get (ab)used

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