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    a one bike quiver, and plus tires are sweeeeeeeet

    wanted to post this bike. I live in a small space and just built this up from the frame and fork to be a do everything bike. I am a one bike man. I commute on this thing 50 miles a week, and ride trails when i have extra time. primary goal down the line is bikepacking.

    my mostly road commute times haven't slowed down at all due to the plus sized tires. but i quit avoiding the bumps . my one bike quiver. just wanted to share. thanks for reading.

    - robert

    a one bike quiver, and plus tires are sweeeeeeeet-ogre-2.jpg

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    Rad. My next frame will be a Surly because they make such versatile frames. I have room in my budget for one nice bike, so it's gotta do it all.

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    That's a nice build, and yes Surly does some versatile bikes, owned a Monkey for 10 years that saw road use, commuting duty and trail duty, but honestly there are quite a few complete steel frames from several manufacturers that offer quite a bit of versatility. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a 2nd wheelset and make it even more versatile, you will then have one bike that can truly do it all, nearly without much compromise when doing the various types of riding.

    Mack, I'm curious how tall you are? I'm thinking you've got to be <5'10" with all your loving on the super short stays
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    I have a fatbike and a hybrid for all my needs. But in my mind i always build a "single bike to do it all". Several issues are gearing etc. but the biggest issue are tires. You either have low rolling resistance for pavement, or good off-road traction - not both. Some people resolve that with multiple wheel sets. that inherent problem makes me think that as long as I ride tarmac and off-road, i need 2 bikes unless I seriously compromise ride quality on either surface.

    I'm curious on what tires you have and how you think they have disadvantages on tarmac vs. off-road?
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    Was using Schwable super motto x tires at 2.8 but they suck on dirt and weíre too heavy with the tube. Plus the Presta valve for the tubes I found did not have a removable core so I could not add any sealing fluid.

    So then I went to Tubeless with WTB ranger tires at 2.8 inches. They are bad ass. Saved me about a pound. Now the bike is 32 lbs

    The Rangers are fine for me on dirt or Road. They are the light fast rolling model. I am not that picky and TopSpeed is not an issue. I feel like i cruise the same speed with those verses anything else. I care most about versatility and durability, speed is my last concern. As long as Iím riding between 10 and 15 mph I canít complain.

    Once these tires wear I will try schwable g one all around tubeless tires at 2.8 width as well. Plus tires are my friends in all conditions =-)

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