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    Which one ?

    Hello there, im looking to change my bike and would appreciate some help.

    My current bike is a Rockhopper back from the year 2000. The rims and fork ( among other things ) are stock so you can guess theyre in pretty bad shape, specially the rear rim...i dont know how they have held up all this time

    I basically use the bike for everything from moving around the city to do chores or go to work ( usually no more than 13 miles round trip ) but have never changed the knobbies to slicks because i can always find a little dirt path or singletrack on the way and besides i hit the dirt during the weekends.

    I like aggresive xc riding, technical trails,occasional drops ( 4 foot ), long rides...i guess all around use.

    Im not abig guy at all, 5.4 and 143 pounds but was looking at the KONA HOSS as a new bike choice. The only thing that bothered me a little is its weight 31.5 p. So i checked the CINDER CONE out 29.8 p. . I can get both at almost the same price , around 700 eur ( 893 usd ) thats a pretty good price here in Spain.

    I think both bikes look cool and i tend to lean towards the HOSS for durability but i dont want to feel too much of a weight penalty during the climbs.

    Any suggestions?



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    I suggest you go with the Hoss. 4 footers are large for a bike. Especially one not designed for it. At least the hoss is designed for the abuse and with the type of riding you're doing the extra few pounds won't make one bit of difference to you, but that extra bit of beefiness might be the difference between lasting and not.

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