Noob Alert! Decent old hardtail or discont full suspension?-
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    Noob Alert! Decent old hardtail or discont full suspension?

    I have an older GT (circa 92, cost about $350) steel framed hardtail and ridgid front fork (old school!). Its a decent bike and has put up with abuse over the years and the only thing thats ever failed was one of the cheapie plastic platform pedals snapped on me (surprise!). I have a question for you all.

    I havent ridden seriously for about five years, due to college and a serious back injury (since fixed surgically). I've gotten fat and desperaely want to go riding like I used to (~100 miles a week). My question is which of these options would be more fun?

    Just ride the GT and take the abuse...pansy-ass.

    Ride a department store fully suspended bike that costs around $ with the laughter.

    I plan to ride up in Shenandoah Nat'l Park, off road. The trails up there run the gammat from "granny ride" to "pucker'd butthole", I'll be sticking to the former for now, until I get my confidence and skills rebuilt. If I use the GT I intend to do some minor upgradeing like swith to pedals you clip into your shoes.

    Thanks all.

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    I don't think a $150 Huffy or something will be an improvement on the rigid you already have.

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