New Frame fit question-
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    New Frame fit question

    I'm in the market for a new frame. I ride a Cannondale hardtail right now that went from having a fatty to a normal 100mm fork. The modern suspension has made me realize I want to get a little further back on the bike in the next frame so I can get my weight out of the way and let the fork do its business. So a little longer in the TT, but how much longer is too much of a change?

    The TT on my bike now is 597mm, which I ride with a 120mm stem.One frame I'm considering has a TT of 618mm. With a 110mm stem, that's a difference of 11mm. Obviously this would bias my weight rearward a bit (cool), but people always talk about little changes in bike fit like they're in fact really huge. Would a 1cm change in cockpit be too much or am I (probably) over analyzing it? Would I be better off with a TT in the low 600mm range?

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    Actually you aren't over anylizing...

    a 10mm difference in top tube can make quite a difference in the way the bike feels and rides. I work at a bike shop and we have loaner stems for people to try out. Not exactly the same thing, but the basics still apply. 9 times out of 10 the customer is looking for a shorter stem. I NEVER recommend more than a 10mm shorter stem initially. And 9 times out of 10 the customer is satisfied with the 10mm shorter stem. And again 90% of the customers that insist on more than a 10mm difference end up complaining about being too cramped in the cockpit. So a 10mm longer top tube with a 10mm shorter stem should put you in about the same position as far as reach to the bar, but move your weight back a bit as you intend. You could probably go with a little longer top tube yet, but to maintain your reach you'd have to go with a correspondingly shorter stem or an increase in stem rise. If you can do it at all a test ride would be in order to cofirm your choice. If you can test ride you might find that 20mm more top tube wouldn't hurt. If a test ride isn't possible though go with the 10mm shorter top tube and then use stem length and rise to fine tune. I think the 618mm will work and accomplish what you are looking to do.

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