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    New bike-sub 26#,4+travel,sub $2000?

    I am riding a 2001 NRS but the bike has had it. I live in a mountainous area (Asheville NC) and rides can be up to 13K feet of climbing and 60+ miles. My current ride fluctuates 26-28#, and obviously climbs well. I wouldn't mind a little more travel with a LITTLE less efficiency, but for me there is nothing better than a long, grueling climb on a light bike. IF you had 1500 and maybe 2K to spend, what would you buy? I don't need it to do 3 foot drops, most of this riding is technical, fast, rooty downhill where you are hitting 6-10 inch obstacles at 20+ mph. I also do the occasional endurance race (2-4 races a year).

    Any thoughts are appreciated - my 33rd b-day is Wednesday and I would like to give myself a gift.

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    not sure that bike exists on that budget, but a yeti 575 will come close, the lowest end model sells around $2k, but will be a bit heavier...i have one and really like, climbs well (lots of climbing here in colorado as well) and descends like a dream, check one out. i think mine weighs 29, but its got a heavy wheelset and tires...

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    If the Turner Burners are still available at less than $1,000 with rear shock, I would get one of those and build up a really nice bike.

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    Check out the Marins

    Mt Vision is the race/cross country bike - shop around and maybe you can get it for $2k, but probably a little more. 4 rear and 5 front for the 2005 models. the '04 models were 4 + 4 - I would suggest you go for the '05 - nicer rear shock that is less progressive, and more travel up front. This bike is moderate weight (27 - 27.5), but rides very efficiently. Climbs excellently, which is important where you are. I have an '04 MV, which is more progressive in back, and only 4" in the front (claimed, though I never got that much). It rides great, and I am on similar, but less hilly terrain, in Charlotte. I do think the changes for the '05 are well worth it.

    Attack Trail is heavier and longer travel (up to 6 in back and 5 in front). Meant for aggressive cross country, but no real hucking despite the travel. It pedals well, but not as well as the MV.

    If you have been riding the NRS, and like it, I think you would like the Mount Vision most.The suspension works going up or down the hill and whether you are pedalling, coasting or braking. Check out their website and you can find dealers nearby.

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