new bike... need opinions-
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    new bike... need opinions

    hey everyone... im looking into getting a full suspension mtb... i work at a bike shop so i get a discount... im looking at the specialized stumpjumper fsr... i know its the base model but wat ill probably do is upgrade the derailliers to xtr in the rear and xt in the front... i dont want hydrolic discs cuz tey get to be a pain in the ass so im going to stay with the mechanical discs.... ive road specialized bywhole biking career and have had great luck with it... if u have any other bike u recomend feel free to let me know...

    thanks and have a great ride!

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    i think u r making a good choice. have fun. ride hard.

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    specialized makes good bikes. and stumpjumper was, is, and always will be, a very nice bike.

    guess it all depends on your priorities as far as what bike is the best choice:
    * $ will to spend
    * amount of discount you get on which brands
    * type of riding
    * desired weight of bike
    * etc...

    what other bikes do you carry or have contracts with?

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    i get a 50% discount.... so it will take the bike down arount the 9 to 1000 dollar range... (just estimating) im willing to spend that kind of money... i just rode east fork state park trail today and my rockhopper (hardtail) beat the crap outa me... it is for sure a smoother ride with a full suspension... im doing xc.. and occaisionally give the bike a good beating... i dont want the bike to be super light... but i dont want it to weigh a ton either...

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