I am looking to get back into mountian biking after 9-10 years out. My old bike is a Bridgestone MB-1 which I don't believe are made anymore. I currently race and ride motocross 2-3 times per week and this has been my primary passion the last few years. A couple of weeks ago my gf and I rented bikes in Todd NC, north of Boone. I had a blast and got some great cardio in.

Recently tested a 2005 Stumpie Expert 120 at my LBS and was blown away at how great the bikes have become since my MB-1, which has no suspension. I am looking to ride mostly Cross-Country with a few 3-4 foot hits and maybe even enter a few beginner races after a few months of getting used to the bike. I really dig the big downhill bikes but figure I can get my fix for big airtime from my MX bikes and WFO speed from my sport bike on the track. The idea of relatively lightweight fully suspended ride really attracts me.

What are your opinions on the SJ 120 or any other bikes in this price range?

Thanks in advance for any replies,