Need help deciding from this weird grouping of bikes - Jamis XCR/Stumpy/Titus RacerX-
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    Need help deciding from this weird grouping of bikes - Jamis XCR/Stumpy/Titus RacerX

    A little history: I started off riding in Oklahoma on a Cannondale F600 Hardtail. I later built up a 2007 Santa Cruz Blur LT. When I moved to the Houston area, the trails didn't seem to warrant the Blur LT, so I sold it. I eventually got a road bike, but I'm getting the itch to ride MTBs again.

    The trails here are somewhat tight without a ton of big drops. To be honest, I'm not going to be doing much, if any racing. I want something quick that can cut up the trails but doesn't snap in half if I take a drop. I'm 31 and having the squish in the rear will be nice on the lower back. The Stumpjumper is in the mix because my friend in Oklahoma makes fun of me for being a spandex-wearing XC guy, and I don't really know how these compare to more XC-focused bikes.

    2010 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
    2010 Jamis XCR Race 2010 Jamis XCR Race
    2006 Titus Racer X 100 Hammerhead Edition TITUS "HAMMERHEAD" 100X MED

    My thought is that the Specialized Stumpjumper is a good trail bike, and can take anything I can throw at it. The Jamis XCR Race has a very nice component set, but less travel. It should be pretty light and fast. The Hammerhead is a bit older, but the components are pretty top-end. Seems like it would be a cool bike to have, and same travel as the Jamis, but it is older. The Jamis has an American Classic Wheelset...very nice, but the Titus has Crossmax XL (had these on my Blur LT).

    So let's say that I've negotiated them all down to the same price range, and I'm pulling the trigger tomorrow. Which bike and why?
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    I vote SJ. I rode one and it was nice, felt like it would handle anything I threw at it but still quick and nimble. If you're not committed to one of those 3 i'd also consider a Trek EX.

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    Quite the disparate list of bikes, how about the Stumpy just because it is the most appropriate for the style of riding. My two cents.

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    We can add a Salsa Caballero to the mix...

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    Titus might be a little too old, it might end up being too expensive to maintain/repair.
    Stumpy might be a bit heavy. It's got those slightly lower spec parts including the brakes.
    Jamis looks tobe the best but also the most expensive. I think it's worth it to get those wheels!
    Jamis seller seems quite good, not only telling you about the flaws but also including a close up pic.

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    Jamis guy is deciding not to sell now

    What about the Titus would be things to look for?

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    yeah my vote is for the Stumpy as well, I like the RX but it's too old you are at least 2 generations behind on that deal and it's not even cheap.

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    Im not really a Jamis fan but i think that looks like the best option

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