Need help deciding on first MTB!-
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    Need help deciding on first MTB!

    Hey all, great community you have here.

    SO here's where I am - I've been a road biker for a few years, and have been wanting to get a MTB for just about as long (poor college student haha). I know I want a HT and what they're good for - I think I've found my type of MTB correctly. This summer is going to be my summer for being able to afford it, so I'm stoked. I'm looking to spend between $500-700, although I know if I see my ideal bike at $750, it will be hard to resist. So what I'm asking is I've basically narrowed my search down to a a few bikes on the net, and I need help deciding between them. The thing is, I really don't know anything about components so far - I understand when people say the fork or derailleur is junk or great for the price, but beyond that I'm lost. If you could not only tell me which bike you would suggest out of these, but also why. I'm looking to not need to upgrade for at least a few years of moderate riding while I'm still in school, and then could upgrade when I'm out. Or at least not upgrade past my price range. So here's what I've been interested in:

    - GT Avalanche 2.0 disc and 3.0 disc
    - Specialized Hardrock disc, Hardrock Comp disc, Hardrock Sport disc (I especially want to know the differences between the normal, comp, and sport, why they're important, etc)
    - Specialized Rockhopper disc and Rockhopper Comp disc (again...)

    Right now, I'm partial to the rockhopper comp disc if I can find it down below 700 (maybe last years model? Or is that too hopeful) or even the rockhopper disc. Overall I'd say I'm more partial to all the Specialized bikes, but mostly because of reputation and I've read they last really well. I've also read in some places that the GT Avalanches have the best components out of all the bikes in the same price range. So, help me please! Thanks for your help, as this seems like it'd take some time.

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    I just picked up a 2010 hardrock sport Disc for $650 (Aus) last week. Great bike so far,

    Weaknesses: Rims and fork - Busted a rim on my second ride.

    Good: Brakes BB5 and drivechain.

    Also the colours are a bit much, white rims and white seat and white handle bar/Grip and white cables!

    I picked the sport disc because it had better price/gear ratio than the other i looked at and it was the most comfortable to ride.
    (I compaired with trek 4300, giant strata, Malvern star XCS 3.0 GT Avalanche 3.0 and cannondale f7)

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