Hi, i need your input here guys, Im currently searching for a new fs frame, and lighweight is a main factor. Ive narrowed down my choices to turner nitrous, and litespeed sewanee. I believe these frames are pretty lightweight, i think both of them are in the ballpark of 4 lbs. Im quite light, racing trim is arnd 125 lbs. and im 5'5 and a half tall (or shall i say short), I ride mostly XC, a lil bit if trail riding in the weekend, but generally XC and roadracing is my discipline. Im leaning on lightweight FS frames coz im thinking that it would be a bigger advantage when ill face some technical sections in the course (of which i love, and i find myself to be quite better in these technical sections than my other XC riding budies).

Questions for both frames:
1. stiffness? Anybody ridden a sewanee or nitrous? Im wondering if the sewanee is flexy or not coz its made out of Ti, and so as the nitrous, it makes me wonder if it would flex, coz judging how the frame looks, its kind of spindly ( but i guess im light enough for the frame)
2. Are the fox rp3 that good to eliminate bob? im prone to attacking and hammering out of the saddle. And i really really hate the sensation of moving suspension while hammering.

I hope you guys could help me decide, coz ill be shelling out quite some dough in this project. but if all goes well, ill be riding a sweet sub 21 lbs, FS XC racing machine.