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    Need advice: Seems like minor frame issue but might be screwed

    2013 Scott Genius 910, about 700 miles on it. Have owned since new; sadly it hasn't gotten a lot of use in 4 years of ownership. Well, its actually a decent amount of 5-10 miles rides, but still I haven't exactly gotten my money out of it yet. An awful squeaking noise was coming from the shock area on just about every little bump or big pedal stroke, so I decided to inspect the bolts, and this happened:

    Need advice:  Seems like minor frame issue but might be screwed-img_2175.jpg

    The thru-bolt fused to the integrated collar/reducer thing and I am pretty sure the noise was the collar thingy spinning in the frame. I think the bolt might be bent as well because I cannot get that sucker out. I've tried PB blaster, heat, hammers, sockets and c-clamps. Its looking like more invasive surgery will be needed like cutting through the bolt or drilling it out.

    Here's where it gets more interesting. It seems like Scott and virtually every former dealer within hours have parted ways. It does not sound like that happened on good terms per each dealer I've called. I've reached out to the headquarters in Utah for advice, but I am not optimistic based on what I heard from the dealers and read on the forums.

    So what would you all do? I've got other bikes, so this isn't an emergency, but I hate the idea of this bike sitting worthless and possibly unrepairable as it is.

    Option 1: Maybe Scott comes through with a couple parts and a fairly easy fix. No too optimistic on this one.

    Option 2: Find a shop that is willing to take the time to screw around with it, perhaps with no success. Unlikely given no one sells Scott around here anymore and the guy I bought it from is out of business. No one will want to troubleshoot this for free. And, I'm not really looking for another bike, so I can't even dangle that possibility out there for them.

    Option 3: Salvage every part I can and look for a frame or use the parts as replacements for my other bikes. Part out the stuff I can't use. Sucks, but that might be the reality. The Nude 2 shock is ok, probably not worth much (seems like everyone wanted to upgrade to a Fox when this bike was released). But the fork is good (Fox Float 32 CTD 130mm).

    What do you all think is the best way forward?

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    Why not go through your options in the order youíve listed them. As for option #2, if you find a shop willing to try, set a dollar limit and say donít go over it. If all else fails, on to option #3.

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    Looks like the top mounting bolt for the shock. On many bikes there's a "nut" on the the other side which you hold with an allen wrench. If not, there's usually a hole. If you've turned it far enough to disengage the threads, you can stick a blunt object through the opposite side and tap the bolt out. Inspect the the frame shock eyelet hardware to see if it's OK. Have a Scott dealer get the parts you need. Alternatively, take the bike to the dealer and have them look at it and tell you what's what.
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    Well, half the problem is solved now:

    Now to get a hold of a new bolt and a frame reducer thingy(what is that collar actually called??).

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    Well, 108 days later I have my bike back! Without any dealers within a reasonable radius, I reached out directly to Scott, and with a little persistence, they agreed to send me a new front triangle. The only catch was I had to find a dealer they could ship to....which ended up being 65 miles away. So, I am super pumped to have the bike rolling again. The only sort of weird glitch involved the bike being built up with a different triangle than the one I saw when I dropped the bike off to do the switch. I'd asked to be upsized to an XL, which I am 99.9% sure is what I saw (my wife too) the day I dropped it off...then 5 weeks later it was an L (original size) that looked like it could have been more of a repair job, different serial number though. Can't really figure that one out...but can't really complain either.

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