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    MTB choice for those who are also runners

    I discovered that my running helps my cycling, but not vice versa.

    I could take a long break from riding, only running, but could hop on a bike and start hammering out 45 minute out-of-the-saddle rides no problem.

    I could take a long break from running, only riding, but my running would be abysmal. I've run better in strong headwinds...

    I believe I found the link: running helps your muscles that you use out-of-the-saddle. Cycling with your ass planted in the saddle doesn't use those muscles. Those seated muscles became more efficient, the more you used them, discouraging you from hammering out-of-the-saddle, as it's inefficient in comparison. The bike I used during my running days was a singlespeed HT (ROS9, Med). The bike I used for exploring MTB was a 29er FS. I definitely had my ass planted in that saddle...

    These bikes with 77d seat angles seem onto something. I hear from frame builders that make HTs, that they advise against a steep STA. They reason that it will hurt to pedal. I found bikes with super slack STA to be a similar case. Your small supporting muscles just aren't strengthened and are breaking down. I see people riding with their seats dropped so low that I worry about their knees, but they seemingly are comfortably spinning. I think that's the key, strengthening them over time. If you are straining them, trying to go your typical speed, you're just going to suffer.

    Now I wonder, how about going all the way to the point that your seated position matches your standing position? I do wonder if cycling could benefit running this way...

    MTB choice for those who are also runners-tppm8ps.png

    I'm optimistic that it would be a better long-term choice. Would opt for sliding dropouts to dial chainstay length on such a bike, since I'm not quite certain this has the rider's CoG balanced between the wheels. It's similar to what I felt was balanced on FS 29ers, just with tweaks accounting for fork sag and the ability to run forks in different travel lengths. This static geo is with an unsagged 140 fork. Avoided the challenge of fitting short chainstays, as I simply wanted a long wheelbase that felt balanced; no need for a curved seat tube is seen as a big bonus.

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    "I could take a long break from running, only riding, but my running would be abysmal. "

    Any bike. Just don't take a long break from running.

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