mountain biking noob movin to the rockies...-
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    mountain biking noob movin to the rockies...

    Well, I have biked a bit before. I ride an ancient Hoo Koo E Koo and love it, but I know that i will get my ass kicked on a real mountain with it (i'm used to bunny hills in Minnesota).

    I'll be in grad school in Ft. Collins for the next few years and I want to get into mountain biking seriously. I am hoping that someone can give me a few suggestions for bikes to start out with.

    Vitals: 5'11" (avg. length legs), 160lb, 22 yrs old
    Budget: 1500 +- 300
    Open to: cross country and free ride - hard tail or full suspension, but I will use the bike to commute so I'm leaning towards a hardtail

    I am open to buying a used bike - i see no point in effin up a brand new one. Craigslist/ebay/local bike shops are all game.

    here is one that i just stumbled on. no idea whether or not its a pos:

    Thanks for your help!


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    Welcome to mtbr! I don't know if this helps or not, but if I were living in CO, I would definitely be hitting the trails every weekend. If this sounds like your kind of thing, I would recommend full suspension with lock out for your everyday commuting.

    I'm a college student from Kansas (I would kill for bunny hills), but last summer some of my friends and I rode the famous Monarch Crest Trail. We rented full suspension Rocky Element 10 and thought it was a solid bike. I for sure put it through some nasty wipeouts and it came out solid. The trail itself was quite a jaw dropper from what we were expecting (in a good way), I highly recommend it come late June early July.

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    I got my 08' element 50 for about $1800 when the 09's started coming out. They have raised the msrp since then, but it's just an example of deals that can be had.

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