Hi all,

Just started back MTBing after 13yr hiatus. I used to ride freeride/all mountain on a 6" Norco.

Just started back to try and rehab my dodgey knees, so bought a 'cheap' Merida Big Nine Mission 29er to get fit etc. 1 week in I've already taken to the trails and first single track have already found the limit of the Fork (Rock Shox 30 Silver TK100) and wheelset returning home with a buckled rear wheel from 2 miles of single track!

Anyway, Just starting to wonder if I should just upgrade fork, wheels etc as I break them or am I best just to buy a 'Trail bike' ?

Can the square taper BB be upgraded to a burly single chainring drivetrain?

Can wheels be upgraded to bomb proof ones with bigger axels? The stock ones are cup and cone shimano's with little skewer...

OK... So, basically, is the Merida "Big 9 TFS BC-S" base model frame worth building into a trail bike or is just too low end? I do find the Steering pretty quick and twitchy too. I'm riding a XL frame and I'm 6'3"