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    Looking for a nice hardtail under $1000

    I have been looking for a new mountain bike for quite some time now, and failing to find one that I like has frustrated me. I was hoping some of you more experienced mountain bikers could help me.
    I want a bike that I can use for riding around town, but also hit the trails with. I am a 6' 2" 15 year old male, so I want a bike that is strong and will last me a long time. Basically, my dream bike would be a steel hardtail bike with 26" wheels. Also, for some reason I think that sloping top tubes look funny, and that is where my quest for a new bike runs into problems. Every mountain bike that I see has such a sloping top tube that I feel that it would be too small for me (I'm mainly a road cyclist, so I want the position to be basically the same as on my road bike). I was wondering if you guys know of any affordable steel mountain bikes with a horizontal top tube (or at least only slightly angled).
    To explain, here are two pictures:

    https://www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/bi...-6659_zoom.jpg (sloping top tube)

    https://farm4.static.flickr.com/3016...2f9db7e5_o.jpg (horizontal top tube)

    I know that most mountain bikes from the 90's and before fit my description, but I can't find many that I could buy in a store or online bike store new. To reemphasize: I am looking for a new bike. Feel free to ask for clarification if I left anything out or explained something badly.

    Thanks a bunch in advance,

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    The cheap option
    The slightly more expensive option.
    The forge is sold at target and is really just a giant frame. Maintenance and service would have to come out of your pocket for that one though, the specialized is sold at shops only and youll probably get service with the bike for a while at least. Im sure other people will chime in with good options as well.

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    New Bike?

    If you really have to have a new bike I would probably look real hard at the Jamis Dragon. Somewhere I think you might have to compromise on your search for a conventional triangle. I ride road and mountain and you are still going to be in a little bit different position. Over the years the road geometries have gotten quite a bit more relaxed. The Specialized Roubaix and the Giant Defy are probably the best examples of the relaxed geometry bikes. In 2008 Tom Booned won the Paris-Roubaix on a Roubaix. The stem can always be lengthened or raised to change the ride on any bike

    If you were willing to look at aluminum or Scandium it would widen your choices. The old Salsa Bandito had a more traditional geometry. I will bet there are still some unused 22 inch frames out there. Its Scandium though. Bianchi for quite a few years made their Super Grizzly out of steel and then scandium into the 2000 decade. There are still a lot of smaller builders out there making steel bikes and I think Gary Fisher has a 29er thats steel.

    Heres a rigid from Ebay that looks nice from a small builder with a traditonal triangle and in your size.


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    Darn, you're too tall.

    There's an old (2008) Gary Fisher Ferrous gathering dust near Orlando, FL. True Temper OX tubing (premium steel frame), X.9-ish components, Eccentric BB for easy conversion to single-speed, etc. It's marked down from $1980 list to about $900. But it's a Medium/17.5" frame... Sorry.

    http://davidsworld.com/ (Closeout Model list)

    Financial disclosure: I bought a seat and a tube from this shop about a year ago. Oh yeah, they also converted a pair of forks back to V-brakes for me. They charged me full retail. It's not even my favorite LBS, and I am far from an employee/owner. I just like steel frames, and that one caught my eye... It's bright ORANGE.

    1996 GF HKEK (uh, with a True Temper OX steel frame from the Trek factory in Wisconsin)

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    For the Best Mountain Bike under $1000. Have you looked at the Diamondback Response? I have heard a few good things from a buddy of mine, and it's right around $700. Might have to tweak it a bit, but it's a good place to start.

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    Don't overlook Fuji.

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    The msrp on this bike is over your budget but I have seen them at my LBS for a lot less than msrp. Maybe you can check your LBS and see what they offer you. This bike would be perfect for what you want and then some. For when you decide to get a little crazy. Good luck man. http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/....2/7366/44092/

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