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    Looking for best value bike that'll do the job

    Hi! New here, but not new to biking. Been riding a rigid frame bike on and off trails for years. Long since been time to get a mountain bike.

    My style: I get possessed when I'm on a bike. By that I mean that I'm completely into it, and pedal my ass off. I do NOT mean that I am looking for out-of-control riding situations. I'm not in it for jumps or tricks or whatever, and no racing. I just want to ride rolling trails through the woods for the better part of the day, usually solo. A little technical is fine, but I'll avoid any trail that is Nuts. I've already hurt my neck once in this life and don't want to do that again, thanks.

    My take on bikes: More important than all the specs and geewiz designs is the motor you put on the thing. In general, bike parts have come a long long way and aside from low end crap, it's all pretty damn good. That said, I do appreciate quality -- things that just keep working. It's also worthwhile to get something that is relatively light, but for me that's a range. It's not a quest to shave grams. I just don't want a tank.

    I want the best value for the money. So looking for a 2006 closeout, for example. Also, any brand that is known for bringing good quality down to the entrance level market. Will probably go full suspension but only if I am convinced that it won't be too spongy when I crank. My sense is that this issue has been largely shaken out. Just wonder if that's true in the lower end of the market yet?

    I'd like to spend $500 or so, maybe less on sale. (I know, you all spend thousands, but please don't guffaw too loudly.) What's the best bike in this range?! One bike I'm considering is the K2 Attack 1.0. Opinions? And any idea how much it weighs? It's surprisingly hard to find weight info for bikes online.

    I'm 6'2", 170 lbs, 44 years old, in damn good shape. No roll on this belt.

    Bikes to recommend? Also, what size frame? Would love to have your expert opinions! Many thanks in advance.

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    my 02...

    nobody can deliver any reasonable performance for $500 for a FS bike. You choose FS by 1) frame set then 2) fork performance & then 3) Shock performance. the K2 misses in 2&3 by a large margin - their parts are strictly entry level and won't perform for you. They don't even mention who makes the shock, and that's an indicator it's extremely low end and likely unservicable if it fails. Don't disappoint yourself, it isn't a good FS bike, sorry.

    I suggest a good hardtail, pick almost any make, and make sure the fork is of excellent performance. or....save your money and then spring for a decent FS ride, starting in about the $1200 range.

    My sales pitch...this is exercise equipment; buy a great bike and you invest in yourself. Saving a few $ is, IMHO, a false saving here. Get a quality ride to ensure you want to keep riding.

    Good luck, Jim

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    Listen to Jim

    First off, welcome to the Forums. I hope you find the information we can provide to be helpful. In short, JimC is dead on right. Your $500 is not going to buy a quality full suspension bike. Take it from someone who took that path and learned the hard way. Buy yourself a nice hardtail. You already know that buying a leftover is a great way to get a quality bike at a discount. Look at bikes like the Iron Horse Warrior Race avaiIable through RS Cycle:


    Or perhaps the Ibex Alpine 550:


    Another option people talk about here is the Motobecane 700T at bikesdirect:


    Other than that, I would look through the used bikes here in the mtbr classifieds, ebay and/or craigslist in your area. Often you can find bikes that were bought by well intended buyers who never did really use the bike, and just want to recover some of their losses. If you are intent on buying afull suspension rig, double your budget and we can talk more.

    Best wishes in finding the right bike.

    'If Wal-Mart sold parachutes, who would jump?' Frank Havnoonian (quoting his father) Drexel Hill Cyclery

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