Lapierre Zesty AM or TR

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  • 01-02-2014
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    Lapierre Zesty AM or TR
    Just about to make the splash and purchase a new bike. After weeks of test rides and research I have made the decision to purchase one of the new Lapierre Zesty's.

    I am trying to decide between the Zesty TR529 29er and the Zesty AM527 650b.

    Both pretty much same componentry, both carbon frame.

    Got an awesome deal on these, both the same price NZ$4,500 (US$3,700) but the AM comes with a dropper post which is going to bump the price up of the TR as I will want to add one to that.

    I am 1.83cm (6ft) and 82kg (180 pounds) and ride a variety of trails from technical steep single track to big back country epics. Probably 75% Trail and 25% All Mountain.

    My concern with the Zesty AM is the 150mm travel vs 120mm on the TR and the Head Angle on the AM of 67 vs the TR at 69. All my riding mates ride 29ers and I donít want them to kill me on the climbs as we do plenty of steep long climbing.

    I donít have a preference over 29 or 650b.

    So my question isÖwill the Zesty AM with 150mm travel and a Head Angle of 67 make a huge difference to my riding especially climbing compared to the Zesty TR with 120mm travel and a Head Angle of 69?

  • 01-04-2014
    Don't have an answer to your question. I ride a trance 29 but I an to change to 650b because my percentages are opposite to yours (75% AM) so the 650b seems to be the best option. I have a question for you as you are one of the few who test rode the Zesty AM. Did you find you were hitting the chain stays on the Zesty when pedaling. I've read a few placed who say that's an issue and I seen the new zesty AM in store and the stay-width is huge. The sales rep told my he hit them a few times and he's only a size 8 shoe. I'm a size 11 and suspect I'll have big problems with the stays. I also ride clipped in.
  • 01-05-2014
    My testing only included a ride through the local park and around the streets but I did occasionally hit the chain stay as it is big and I am a size 9.5 foot.

    I had no issues with the TR.