Lapierre Spicy vs Zesty Dilemma, riding the fence between frame sizes and best fit.

Hi Guys and Gals,

I need help and soon.

This Sunday Jan. 17, I'm supposed to drive two+ hours to look at -and most certainly because I drove two hours- pick up a 2010 Spicy (mainly SLX setup w Fox Rp2, Fox 36 Float R fork 1-1/8 steerer). From the pics and the owner it's in pretty nice shape.

I know the frames at least up until 2010 came only in L (hate them for this but that's aside). Now the Zesty, lo and behold comes in XL all the time however me needs the travel for the riding I am planning.
I measured my current 2006 Spesh Enduro Elite in XL frame and it's a 52cm (20.5") And it's fine.

I weigh 92kg/202 lbs.
Inseam is 92cm/36"

The guy I'm buying the Spicy from has the same inseam and says he has no probs.

I'm split over whether to hold off on the L Spicy 50cm and find a similar year XL Zesty 54cm and convert the Zesty to 150mm travel via shuttle swap. I read about this swap somewhere but have concerns about the Zesty frame holding it's own. I haven't compared in detail at the specs of Spicy and Zesty but understand they share the same or very similar frame.

I'm all over the Spicy and Zesty's because I really like what I read about them and moreso their design (and performance) looks and perhaps behaves so much like Santa Cruz Nomads, which I cannot find here.

Leading up to this purchase I looked pretty hard at the Canyon Strives (there's tons of em around here). Cube Fritzz's as well but don't get the warm and fuzzy as much from those as I do from the Spicy/Zesty.

I'm pretty certain I should just get the Spicy and see what happens. I know I can always sell it and perhaps move on to a longer travel Zesty.

Anyway he wants 1100 Euros for the bike. I'm hoping to get it for 900. Another side issue is the fact that the steerer/head is 1-1/8 which locks me into older forks that are getting harder and harder to find here.

Pffff... it's not a big deal but any help is appreciated.

A. just skip it and enjoy my Spesh Enduro Elite for now and get something else, a newer Spicy or Zesty...

B. Get it and see what happens. (I'm not breaking our household savings).