Keep '03 Epic or buy '04 Epic or SJ FSR???-
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    New question here. Keep '03 Epic or buy '04 Epic or SJ FSR???

    Being the MTBR newbie that I am, I posted the following in the Specialized forum. I thought I'd give it some play in the What to buy forum as well:

    I currently ride an '03 Epic Comp that I am thrilled with; but, I also have a broken arm that will prevent me from riding my beloved Epic until mid-summer. Come August, I have the ability to purchase either of the following 2004 models at a very attractive price:

    Knowing that I have access to the 2004 models, I have a friend that is hammering me to sell him my Epic Comp. I'm not racing - or I would definitely stay with an Epic - but I also haven't ridden the SJ FSR's and thus can't make a fair comparison. If you had your pick between these two bikes for your do-all XC/All Mountain ride, which would you choose and why?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    After thought: Prior to my Epic I was riding an S-Works Steel hardtail. Not knowing anything different, the Epic was a quantum leap forward in all respects. I love the split personality of the Epic - hardtail when it can/should be and FSR when it needs to be.

    I do most of my riding in and around Salt Lake City with a trip to Moab every once in a while. I'm not dropping anything big, nor do I live for downhilling everything - you have to earn the descent. Wet weather riding is also a rarity in this desert, so disk brakes are more a luxury (?) than necessity.

    I want a well rounded, do-all XC/All Mountain bike. I'm not in the least bit unhappy with my current bike and thus could easily choose the '04 Epic Pro . . . . I just wonder if I'm leaving something on the table in the Stumpjumer.

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    The epic is pure xc bike as is the stumpjumper but the stumpy is closer to all-mountain than epic.The 04 epic has improved from 03,lighter frame and smarter brain"adjustability".
    I can't imagine you being disappointed with either bike.
    I have a 04 stumpjumper elite disk and could'nt be more pleased.I would have to assume the epic would climb better"brain" but can't complain.
    The epic is simply more of a racier bike while the stumpy sure holds its own the the xc world.Do you have a coin handy?.

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