Hi all,

New member trying to get up to speed quickly with all the MTB options out there!

I'm shopping for an entry-level MTB for my wife; I'll be back looking for one for me later
We hit up the local Sports Authority looking for something a little better than a DSB, and found the K2 T-Nine Trailhead, which is a good fit for her, (5'3") and felt well put together with decent components for the price - $320.

I'm looking for a bike for mostly casual use around the neighborhood, with some trails. No jumping or anything crazy. Budget is probably $350 max.

I know I can also get a Trek 3500/3700 in this price range from a LBS, and need to visit a few more to see what other options they have to offer.

My first question is really about the K2 itself, specifically if this is a new bike, or old stock or what? Their website shows 2008 models, which agrees with the timeline of the Iron Horse/K2 sell-off, etc. Is K2 still making new bikes? Is there a manufacturer to stand behind this product?

Second, what other entry-level options should I be looking at?