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    Jessica and Twitter frames

    Is anyone knowledgeable about frames sold on eBay that are branded Jessica and Twitter? Any experience w/these? Any idea what factories produce the two brands?

    Here are two examples of what I'm talking about: Jessica and Twitter.

    Curious whether anyone has any direct experience or knowledge.

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    "Fasion Designed by Jessica" looks like it'd have a pretty terrible ride quality with those large diameter seatstays.

    Can you say "rattling internal routing" on the Twitter frame?

    At least the Twitter frame uses full length housing. Wouldn't touch the Jessica frame with that exposed under-the-bb road bike cable routing.

    No thanks.

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    Hmmm...not so sure about these, but good luck!
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    My kidneys hurt from looking at them.
    Wanted, SRAM GX 2x11 rear derailleur

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    I guess whomever is buying them doesn't frequent mtbr.

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    LOL and who's buying them- both listings show 1 sold
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    Can you guys find something better for that price? It actually looks alright.

    I used to do quite a bit of import business with bike "factories" in taiwan. Its often not worth trying to hunt down who the factory is. X-factory will do a big run of parts for a supplier at a certain price point and quality.

    You can work with two suppliers, both who source from the exact same factory and sell what seems like the same part, and the quality will be different between the two suppliers.

    People used to comment that giant and kinesis made all these bikes for these suppliers so it didnt matter, but thats not really how it goes over there.

    The factories are nameless, faceless and egoless. They can make both high quality and low quality stuff, depending on whats asked for.

    They obviously rebadge stuff too, but its still a little bit different than how we do it in the US, where companies literally just install a sticker.

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