So, I was looking on eBay to see what kind of deals I could find, and a found a couple of Santa Cruz bikes that seemed like a good deal. What would you all say? I have no idea what these went for new.

Can't get the links to paste right now, but here's the quick and dirty.

First is an '08 Superlight. Normal wear and tear. The owner is swapping out some of the parts from Shimano to high end SRAM (X0 and X9). Going for $850 right now.

The next is an '08 Blur XC. Pretty scratched up on the seatstays, but mechanically sound (rental bike in Moab). Competely stock. It's going for $250 right now, but several days left. The same person sold one earlier for about $1,300. I don't know what they originally sold for, but I'd guess that's really good.

What would be the better one to go for? Pull the trigger on the Superlight, or wait and try for the Blur?