Hello guys, i am about to make first "expensive for me" purchase , and i can choose between :

1. https://www.evanscycles.com/scott-sp...-bike-EV286115

2. https://www.bunnyhop.de/de/fahrraede...174?info=36736

they are both the same price from where i'll buy, i am a light XC , i like to bike in forests with no hills or valleys just for fun and exercise.

Wich one of these you think will fit me better?

i really need your advice soon, since the offer will end in 2 days.

p.s. from what i've read.. the scott has the same frame that won the olimpics, but heavy and with much lower components, the focus one seems to have better components and a dropper seat. I would like to get your opinions on the frames...wich one will suit me better for long confy rides.. ( 40-60km)

p.s.2 i don't plan to invest more money ..it's allready a big purchase for me

thank you