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    help with a new bike

    hey guys, i'm hoping you guys can help me out.

    i'm a bike newbie. my friend gave me a specialized hardrock 02 about 2 months ago, but it got stolen just 2 days ago.

    it was pretty nice in my opinion. not like i know much about it. except when i would go off a jump the chain would slip from the mid front gear to the smaller front gear. (excuse me for not knowing correct terminology)

    anyway, i was sad when i found it missing this morning, but i guess it's my fault for leaving it chained up outside my apartment for a whole 3 weeks w/out using it. i guess somebody has been walking by or driving by seeing that it's been there for so long without any trace of an owner nearby.

    so, now i'm in the market to buy a new bike.

    what i will do with it:

    ride it almost everyday through the city to campus for classes.
    take it out maybe 5-10 times a year to a dirt trail.
    i like to jump off curbs and go down stairs and little kid fun stuff like that.

    my budget: 500. 600 if it's really necessary.

    here's the thing. i'm still a noob so i guess anything would be fine for now. correct me if i'm wrong, but i guess what i should really make sure of is that the frame is top notch. is that right? because as i get better and better and more into it, i can go ahead and upgrade everything.... except the frame. right? (no clue just guessing)

    so i'm looking for something that i can basically upgrade and still have a really nice bike a couple years down the road.

    there are so many brands that i've been researching but it's giving me a headache. i'm beginning to think the brands don't matter and that as long as it's around the same price i'm going ot be basically getting what i pay for.

    i've looked at:

    giant horse
    gt, what's the difference. i can't compare because i don't know enough about components to see what components are better. there are like 934839843 shimano things out there.

    sorry about the long post. hope you experts can help.

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    the following are bikes that LOOK good to me.

    kona blast
    specialized hardrock pro disc
    specialized rockhopper
    ibex alpine 550
    trek 4500 disc
    giant iguana
    giant warp ds (i have no idea if i want/need FS. what do you think?)
    k2 zed 3.0
    k2 attack/lithium
    gt avalanche 1.0
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    most bikes in this price range will be decent bikes that will fit your needs. i dont know if disc brakes are entirely necessary for your purposes, but would not really hurt anything either. from my experience, i would buy one of the bigger name bikes (trek, specialized, giant, gary fisher) and buy it from a reputable LBS. go to your LBS and ride as many bikes in your price range as possible and see which one fits you the best. they all have similar specs (one may have a better fork and another better components, but overall very similar) and should suit your purposes.

    now for my opinion on a couple of bikes - i have several friends with Trek bikes and they all seem to be happy with them. also, specialized is popular in my area and most folks seem happy with them. i have a gary fisher tassajara (similar price range) and it has been a good bike for my purposes (i use it for commuting, road riding, some trail riding, and as a spare bike in general).

    hope this helps.

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    Giant STP 2...

    So, from what you have already said, it looks like you may be more in line to an urban assualt/ jump bike. Hence, I'd reccomend the STP 2, not saying that just because my shop sells them. It has the same frame as their high end model (diff color), with a pretty strong initial build. It's more like an all-round bike, just buy a set of nobbies for xc type stuff.

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