I have been lurking around for a couple months now and have evaluated several bikes. I finally made my decision and the outcome was not what I expected. To bring everyone up to speed, briefly, I rode the Tassajara, Hoss, 6000, Durango, and etc. I decided that I like the 6000 but wanted the lockout and better components afforded by the 6500. Then the LBS mentioned the Mojave 8.0 and even agreed to order one up for me to test (with no special order commitment). The cheapskate in me came out and I said I owe it to myself to at least assess the bike. Here is where it gets interesting, the Mojave was mistakenly shipped to a sister store for my local LBS assembled and sold of the floor before the mistake was discovered. Interestingly enough that was the last 22 available through the supply chain, but no problem that just means that I can order the 6500 right, wrong. The 6500 is not in stock in a 21.5 at either of the three warehouses, and after conferring with the rep it will not be in stock until early May at the earliest. OK, well since this has been dragging on so long the LBS tries to see whats available in the price range from GF, Trek, and Giant. We come up with the Cobia for $899, and I am about 6'2" with a 35" inseam so it should fit. I agree to buy it site unseen, because the components are not drastically downgraded from the offerings I was looking at and the frame was ZR9000 and the the Tora fork was nicer as well. Guess what, when the LBS attempted to make the order the Cobia went on backorder and sure enough after a call to the rep the bike will not be available in my size until early May.

With all this leg work and the genuine interest in my bike purchase the LBS has truly exceeded my CS expectations, and hence done everything right to earn my business. I am getting a bit antsy though and am ready to ride. My current choices are now all frenzied and I need a bit of help sorting through this.

1. Cobia 900 should I wait for this?
2. 6500 850 should I stand by this one?
3. 6000 599 should I buy this and upgrade it at my expense (in stock)?
4. Caldera 899 should I just leave the great LBS and go elsewhere due to availability?
5. Tassajara Disc 729 should I get past my dislike for the color and buy this bike (in stock)?
6. Or just what the heck should I do?

All the bikes above were comfortable to me during my test rides where applicable, except for the Cobia which is/was not available for testing. Sorry for the annal-like post, but opinions are greatly appreciated. Please vote for one of my choices and give me all the feedback you can muster because I am ready to ride but the bike gods seem to have it in for me.