Just lost my truth and i am in the market for a new frame. I have done a lot of research and it seems the more i read the more options i find. After about a month of research i am no further ahead in replacing my last bike. So...
I need your help, i would appriciate any owner experience, critisim, and suggestions i may not have considered. I realize the best thing to do is just go to a shop and test. However living in Fa has its limitations. Most bike shops here are set up for low dollar crusiers or high end road bikes. I am 50-100 miles from any MB shop so ill go with the iternet option to limit my car trips.

Current preference:
- i need a beefy XC frame, something more robust than XC but not as heavy as all mountain.
-i have pretty much settled on 5 inch FS.
-i am not currently decided on suspension tech, VPP, Horst, Four Bar...etc

My riding style:
190 lbs 6'1" I tend to be a little hard on my bikes. being heavier than a normal rider i dont necessarly need a super lightweight frame nor do i want to haul a 35 lb bike up a 4 hour climb.

I stick mostly to the south east coast - rocky epic climbs followed by no brakes squirt yer pants just as rocky decents.

Not really looking at Yeti 575, Heckler is a 'maybe',

I would like something that is equally balanced on up hills and down hills

Current bikes i am looking into:
-Titus moto -lite (too steep of a head angle for fast decesnts? too liht for my fat ass?)
- Turner 5 spot
-Intense 5.5
-Ellsworth EPI - ( startingto get pricey, need cash left over for fork and bits)

Again please impart upon me your experienceand wisdom, if i have left anything out please inform me. Thanks in advance.