edit: I looked it up and it was actually a 1994 model.

first post. I sold my car when I started University of Florida back in 1992 and bought a really nice Marin Bear Valley SE...it was $900-1000. It was a great bike...steel frame, no suspension (but felt like it didn't need it anyway), decent components (some chain issues once in a while), light at about 21 lbs.

I had a 17.5" version (I am 5'10.5", 31-32" inseam). The geometry just felt perfect.

Anyone know what the specs were so I could start narrowing my search? Anyone have a good recommendation?

The cheaper bikes today seem to weigh a freaking ton and then just don't feel good riding.

I am limiting myself to $300-500 and would consider used. I ended up selling my bike for about $150 in 2002 or so. It was like brand new once I cleaned it all up. I had no where to put it at the time

I plan to just use this bike for running my australian cattle dog when he grows and messing around the neighborhood otherwise. No heavy trails really, but I don't want a cruiser really yet (although some seem interesting so I am not shutting them out).