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    Giant, Specialized, Santa Cruz

    I know similar questions have been asked hundreds of times, I apologize.

    I haven't actively biked for years, but have fond memories of my trusty Giant Rincon. I needed a second job, want to get into shape, and want to get back into biking, so I got a job at my lbs :-) Now I have to decide what to get.
    I first fell in love with the shops Stumpjumper FSR Expert (test bike)... until I tried out the Giant Reign (2). The platform on the Reign seemed much better even vs. the stumpy in PP mode and I really like the idea of all that travel. Not to mention I couldn't bottom out the Reign.
    This past weekend I had a chance to ride with the shop during off hours and was able to take out the Specialized Enduro (test bike). Wow. The first 20 minutes was the most fun I've ever had... ever. After that, however, I pretty much wanted to die. Downhill was fantastic. I sped over roots and rocks. I felt like I was going to spill but didn’t care. I wanted to go faster and harder. Uphill, on the other hand, was nearly impossible. (I'm in horrible shape: 5' 9", 200 lbs, about 26% fat). Everyone in the shop was telling me it was more the big knobby tires and extra travel that really made it hard for me, so I'm thinking that the Reign might be a bad idea.
    I’m trying to get into shape, but realize that I'm not there yet.
    I want a bike that can take jumps. I love the idea of single track and 'urban' or BMX oriented mountain biking. I want to take stairs and jump off loading docks. I want to be able to bomb downhill and not have to worry about picking the one perfect line. I really like the Maestro (Giant) platform and have been told that the Stumpjumper can only handle jumps of about 3 feet.
    At this point I'm leaning towards the Trance 2, but the Blur LT looks good too. My options are limited to Giant, Specialized, and Santa Cruz (which we don't sell, but I'm told that I can get)
    After feeling the bottomless plushness of the Reign the Trance doesn’t feel as great, but I’m told that it’s better for what I’m looking for.
    Please help. What would you suggest? Any and all input is greatly appreciated. I’m really stuck. My price range (wholesale) is about $4k if I get a big enough bonus at my day job, but probably closer to $2500.

    Again, I know similar questions have been asked hundreds of times. I've read as many as I could find and am still having trouble deciding. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Find someone that sells and demo's the SantaCruz and you will be able to make your decision. I have been riding a Santa Cruz SL for several years and have rode the blur xc and i like it alot. I prefere it over the Specialized but i have not ridden the giant and will not ride a giant. You may also check out the Santa Cruz Heckler. They are now ackaging them in a very affordable fashion and may make a good platform for you to build on.

    I am sure after you ride the blur or heckler you will see the santa cruz light and you will make the appropriate decision.
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    Good job!

    You have definetally chosen a good variety of bikes. Maestros suspension is really awesome, FSR has been for years, and people go head over heals for VPP. Personally, I would reccomend a SC Nomad for the type of riding you plan to do. You can do XC rides, feel very confident on the 6" of travel on dropoffs, and bomb down hills pretty fast. I've looked at the SC Blur Lt's, but to me, I still don't feel confident bombing off of dropoffs. I have an FSR, and it's awesome. But I do primarily trail riding. So, me, go Nomad. Good Luck!

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