Giant Iguana vs Gary Fisher Tassajara-
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    Giant Iguana vs Gary Fisher Tassajara

    I am looking at the Giant Iguana or the Gary Fisher Tassajara. Could anyone assist me in my decision? Both bikes sell for the approx. same price, however the LBS that carries Giant is willing to knock $100.00 on the Iguana making it $500.00, with that in mind is the Tassajara that much better of a bike? Also are the disc brakes on the Iguana okay? With the discount on the Iguana the bikes are close to $150.00 difference, any help would be appreciated.

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    Idea! Consider Geometry

    Although the bikes may have some similar components, they have totaly different geometry. I ride a Giant Rainier (same frame as Iguana) and i like the feel of my bike much better than the Gary Fishers with their Genisis Geometry. Sometimes you need to consider more than just the components. That is the only advice i can give u now because im not sure of the specific specs on either bike.


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    I'd recommend the Fisher Tass. It won one of the Bike of the Year awards from MTBR last year. I used to ride on myself and now ride a Fisher Ziggurat. You do need to look at the geometry and for that reason choose the Fisher. I noticed first hand this weekend at a race how much better the genisis geometry is. I was sitting in the my seat pedaling fairly easily to the top of climbs that 90% of other bikers had to stand and climb or walk up. Go try and test ride both on a hill and you will see what I mean. Also, check out the mtbr product reviews on both. Hope that helps.


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    This is a tough choice. The big differences (beside the frames) are (and this is assuming that you like the ride of either frame equally) the forks, wheels and brakes. The rest is basically a wash although Iíd probably say the cranks on the Tass might be a hair better. I definitely like the Pilot XC fork (Tassajara) over the Manitou Six Sport (Iguana). Itís got an air/coil spring that gives it more adjustability and just a better feel overall. The Iguana has disc brakes, but they are Hayes mechanicals which are not the highest rated, but not the worst either. They are mid-pack mechanical disc brakes, which means they could easily become something youíll want to upgrade depending on the terrain you ride. The brakes on the Tass are generic (probably Tektro) v-brakes which are only OK as far as stopping power is concerned and this is probably one of the first things youíll want to upgrade. The bad part is that on the Tass is that it comes with non-disc wheels, which means that when you get new brakes youíll have to get new wheels if you want to go disc.

    I look at new bikes and consider which things I just couldnít live with. For me on these two bikes it would be this:

    Iguana: fork (and possibly brakes)

    Tassajara: brakes (and therefore Iíd need a new wheelset)

    Now this is just me, but I could see spending at least $300 on upgrades on either one before itís a bike that Iíd really feel great about.

    Thatís also why I have mentioned the Iron Horse Rogue for $649 at Supergo to others looking at bikes in this range. It separates itself from the others because it comes with Hayes hydraulic disc brakes, a Judy SL U-Turn Hydracoil adjustable 70mm to 115mm fork, both of which I think I could feel good enough about not to need to replace them anytime soon. It also has an XT rear derailleur. The tough part is that you unless you live near a Supergo (or another Iron Horse dealer) that has these in stock, you canít ride one before buying one.

    But if itís definitely between the Iguana and the Tassajara (absolutely two of the top contenders in this range) and you like the fit of both frames equally (is that possible?), I think Iíd go with the Iguana because of the price you are getting (you say there is close to $150 difference. I could ride the Iguana for a bit until I wanted a better fork, and then get a fork (thatís good for that frame) for about $300. The Tassajara is going to get some Avid discs and a new wheelset that will cost about $150 each (total $300) which comes out with the two bikes being closer to equal (although I think you would have a better fork after shopping for one for $300 and the Tassajara better brakes [Avid mech vs. Hayes mech] but the Iguana still costing less by the difference between their original prices.

    Thatís the way Iíd look at it from MY perspective, YM(and therefore perspective)MV.

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    Made My Purchase....

    Thank's for the replies, I went and test rode the Tassajara and the Specialized Rockhopper today and went with the Tassajara. I liked the ride alot better. The Giant dealer did not have the Iguana in stock and to get one I would have had to purchase. They said they don't keep that high end of a bike in stock because they don't sell as quickly. The fisher dealer was alot more helpful, and I figured that the relationship with the LBS is pretty important as well. Again thanks for the help.

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