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    Getting back in! Your opinions on which way to go.

    Long story short...Sold my Pivot Mach 5 about 3 years ago because my riding buddies quit or moved. I ride the roads now, but want to get back in the dirt as well. I'll mainly ride on the weekends.
    I'd like to pick up a XT Mojo 3. It's a chunk of loot and while I can spend it....I have a hard time justifying it.
    I'm also looking at the possibility picking up a well spec'd Mojo SLR for under 2k. I have zero issues rolling a 26 again, but I wonder how long 26" parts support will be there or if it is not a concern.
    I realize a 27.5 and the new tech is probably fantastic and I'll look into something new in a few years when my old ass needs something more plush lol.

    Thoughts or opinions? I'd just like to cover all bases before I pull the trigger.

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    Id strongly recommend at least trying some of the new stuff out there.

    DW link isnt the end all like years back when everything else pedaled terribly. You can go buy a new single pivot bike that outpedals DW link bikes these days.

    Ibis is a great brand, and DW link is a great suspension, but so is most everything else these days too. Id definitely take a newer, more modern bike over an older SLR.

    The new mojo 3 is a great bike, no doubt, but you dont have to spend that much to get a different, also great bike.

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    Thx, that helped. I decided the money is better spent on a new or newer ride. Iím looking at building something up that will last me awhile... or until next year when everything changes 😂😂

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