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    New question here. Frame size issues (Bird Zero AM Boost)

    I've decided to go with the Bird Zero AM but I'm puzzled by the sizing. I have messaged Bird and asked for advice, and they said that based on my measurements I should take the Medium-Long, but based on my current bike, the Medium-frame.

    I'm a bit worried the Medium-Long with its 1200mm wheelbase won't perform well on some of these twitchy, small, rocky and slowish trails we have around here. The M might do better in this regard, it has got a wheelbase of 1170mm. Then I'm worried that I'd feel cramped on the M. Decisions, decisions..

    Here are some of my measurements:

    Height: 175,5cm (5 feet and 9.09449)
    Torso: 61cm (2 feet and 0.01575)
    Inseam: 87cm (2 feet and 10.25197)
    Arm: 66cm (2 feet and 1.98425)
    Ape Index: -7.5

    I'm really at a loss which frame I should be getting, my current bike has very short reach (Radon ZR Team 7.0 (Geom: )) though I'm rather happy with the cockpit. I could be a tad roomier though. I have swapped the 100mm original stem for a 60mm as it felt a bit stretchy, I guess..

    Here is the geometry sheet for the Bird Zero AM Boost:

    Though nothing suggests based on my current bike, that the Medium-frame would be too small, huh? Only thing I can notice being smaller than the Radon is the ST-lenght, which is 410mm. Completely different geometries so I guess it's pretty hard to compare.

    Any insight on the matter would be most helpful, I hope!

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    This is a tough one to help with because so much depends on individual rider preference. Neither one is wrong, it depends on what you like.

    Personally I love long wheelbase frames. But I’m 6’2” tall and I like to get my wheels off the ground. For me a long wheelbase doesn’t feel long. It keeps my high center of gravity in check and it inspires confidence when landing wonky launches.

    But we’re different sizes and we may ride differently. As well, we may appreciate different frame attributes. I like a roomy cockpit, you might not.

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    I'm 5'9" and ride a Pipedream Moxie with 470mm of reach. There is no way I would consider the medium Bird.

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