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    Frame Play: Should I be worried?


    So, a few weeks ago I bought a 2009 Jamis Dakar bam 2 from Pinkbike and so far I haven't been too dissapointed other than like the maxle was broken and I had to change some small things. But what I did notice was a sound whenever the back tire hits the ground from picking it up by the seat. It never made noise riding but it was annoying because it gives you that sense of something being loose. However, if you lift up on the back of the seat, there is a play where the shock mounts to the frame, look at this picture and the play is coming from the right shock bushing/mount (opposite end of where the rebound knob is): could be you at none in Houston, Texas, United States - photo by pepr61 - That shock moves about a millimeter so it isn't that gnarly but being new to bikes, I don't know if it is a problem that I should address at this moment. Someone told me it will affect the way the bike handles but I don't really see how this would be. An individual who is a mechanic said he could replace the bushing which is a couple bucks with a special tool and it would rid the problem.

    EDIT: one more question since this has more to do with frame than drive trains. I stripped the derailer out of the hanger so it was bouncin all over the place and I just ordered a hanger for the 2009 Jamis BAM 1 and I have a 2009 Jamis BAM 2 but the hanger looks the same as the one i have, this will work right? there really isn't much variation in the frame between the 1 and 2?

    Let me know what you think, Thank you.
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    Probably worn bushings, wouldn't hurt to replace. If the maxle was broken it sounds like that bike was ridden hard and I'd go over the whole the bike.

    If the hanger is the same it'll work.

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    Bushings wear out and need to be replaced. When they are worn out they'll get loose as the mechanic stated. I agree with the above post that if the Maxle was broken AND the bushing is worn, the bike was probably very well ridden and should be combed over for bad bearings, frame cracks, etc.

    Take the bike into a reputable mechanic and have them do a complete check of it. Not a tune up unless you need to have this done and are not capable of doing it yourself - which it sounds like you might not be. You can probably have the mechanic who is going to replace the bushing for you do this if you slip him $10 or $20 bucks.

    I'd also contact the seller and ask him if he knew about the Maxle, worn bushing and see if there will be any other surprises. I'd do this more so because if he really wasn't aware of these issues then who knows what other type of maintenance went unaddressed. Was the fork ever serviced? When? Ask about anything else you can think of.

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    Yeah, he did tell me about rhe maxle. The maxle actually wasn't broken, the threads on it were completely stripped out and to get a new maxle I would also have to get a new hanger so i rigged up a rod through with bolts on either end, never comes loose. he didn't say anything about the play in the frame but it really isn't a whole lot. probably not even a millimeter. You have to look really close to see movement there you can only really tell is if you feel for play when you pick up the seat. The bike got quickly looked over and it is all pretty solid. I did the fork seal maintenance thing too, don't know about the oil in it. I don't plan on keeping the bike up to racing specs. Just have a decent bike that works smoothe as far as performance only I have a pretty slim budget so I can only buy the things necassary to keep it running fine. Like I said I am just starting to realize the cost of this.

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    You need a new DU bushing pressed in. If you let it go, you get additional shock loading into your mounting bolts and you risk either breaking the mounting bolt or deforming the reducers. A DU bushing costs something like $5 though you might be looking at a service charge to get it pressed out and back in. It's worth letting a shop with the right tools press the bushing out.
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