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    First bike for GF

    G'day guys,
    Ive got the responsibility of finding the lady a new rig.

    Now dont be thinking super dooper custom things, this is strictly a bike around 400-700 (or 600-1000 australian) and one which she can comfortably use on the road, and a bit of bike tracks and fireroads.

    She is signed up for the great victorian bike ride which is about 10 days of straight road riding, so the bike needs to be comfortable and easy to ride.

    My initial thoughts were to look for a hybrid, but is going for an MTB and chucking slicks on it a better idea?
    Or is going for a road bike with a flat bar and mtb gear on it another way?

    It seems to me that mtbs tend to be better value than roadies, so maybe the best and most versatile option would be to opt for an mtb, put slicks and a rigid fork on it.

    Im guessing sticking with Spec, giant, trek, gt or other big names is the way to go in terms of good kit, reliability and service?

    Sorry for my ignorance on this topic, but i just need a head start into some good bikes around that i can start checkin up on, i guess most of my previous research is into the other end of the price spectrum : )

    Is their any advantage of going with either the 26inch or the 700cc wheels?

    Im really excited about her getting into riding, well, at least this big bike ride anyway, and i hope i can get her something that she will enjoy.

    Cheers for any help,

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    MTB with slicks for the road will be fine and a lot more useful than a hybrid later on if she gets into more serious off-road stuff. Giant bikes are great value for money, but you can't go wrong with Trek or Specialized too.

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    check out this thread Is this the best I can do for @$520.00?? , that Iron Hourse looks like a great buy for $500 US.

    My only suggestion is don't over buy for the GF...from my experience most guys way over buy GF first bikes. If she is a serious outdoors person or athlete you may want to consider buying at the upper end of your budget but otherwise save some money.

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