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    Fazzari La Sal Peak - lesser quality frame for less money?

    The Fezzari LSP is getting pretty good reviews. Their frame is $2500 vs $3100 for an Evil Offering or even more for a SB150. Forget about ride quality for a moment. Does consumer direct sales allow Fezzari to offer the LSP at a lower price or is there somewhere else they can save costs (carbon, quality control of factory etc) assuming they have the same margins?

    Ive had carbon wheels made by Nox and Nextie and found the quality to be pretty much the same. Can you say the same about carbon frames even with lifetime warranties and 30 day return policies?

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    I think yetievil etc are simply pricing as high as they can since their brand name allows this. Note the lifetime warranty seems to always be up for interpretation by the mfg----just look at these bogs. Certainly consumer direct helps lower costs but having a long mfg background we always priced at a point where we made the most--not some % over cost---look at the iphone for an example------not to say that yeti/evil are not better products but the price may not relate to begin better---to help look at the crash replacement prices to see the margin---does anyone think they are using money at these prices?? I feel the diff is yeti/evil rear suspension systems are the bigger diff----since any mfg can take a yeti frame and delaminate it to see they carbon layup---and reveal most secrets there

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    Can't speculate about frame quality, but they claim that it weighs 2300g (5.07 lbs) and appears to have less complexity than the Offering and SB150.

    Saved labor costs? They claimed that newer refined carbon mfg processes allowed them to use larger pieces of carbon, instead of multiple smaller pieces.

    Less development costs? They claimed that development was given the "Go" on Oct '17, and brought to market on Aug '18, which they describe as super fast.

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    I'm not knocking it - pretty interested in the LSP frame too - but 2300g is naked- no shock, no hardware, nothing. Closer to 6lbs for comps, I think.

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    If you're buying a 150mm enduro frame with a lifetime warranty, gram counting shouldn't be a priority, I'd rather it be bomber.

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