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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Fall Back Bike is Trashed, Now What?

    Right now, I'm in the process of building up a bike. A long, slow process as I receive my fun money in limited amounts. It's looking like I won't have my bike completed until probably the end of this year.

    So, as a back up, I was going to use my old bike, a '95 Specialized Sport Rock. When I bought my back at the beginning of '09, I gave this bike to my brother-in-law, since the one time we went out riding, he seemed to enjoy it. Well, the RH was stolen, and I didn't want to just take it back from him, so I went without for awhile. Fast forward to this past winter, and he said he doesn't use it anymore and I can have it. Told me I'd probably want to replace the pedals, and it should be good. Well, I looked at it last weekend, and that's not the case. The chain badly rusted, and there are copious amounts of rust on the cassette and cranks as well. It also looks like several of the teeth on the cassette are bent as well. What metal I could see on the rear derailleur had rust as well. Basically, the whole drive train is f'ed and need to be replaced. Oh, and the pedals are pink and white cheapo plast from a Walmart bike, so they need to be replaced as well. I didn't look at the brakes or cables, as I didn't have that much light.

    My first thought replace the parts and transfer them to the bike I'm building, but this thing is so old and was low end even then, I'm not sure I can find many parts these days that would work.

    Another option would be to buy a cheap bike on Craigslist or from a local shop selling used or consignment (I did see a '02 SJ HT in great condition with nice parts for $400). However, that would delay my bike build even further. Also, my wife wouldn't see the reason behind that and might raise hell, even if it is my designated fun money and we do have the space now.

    Or, I just suck it up and go another season without a ride. I will say, I'm jonesing to get back out, and we're thinking about trying for another kid towards the end of this year. What'd you do?
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    I think my sister-in-law must be related to your brother-in-law I learned my lesson the hard way too.

    If it was me I would aim lower on a Craigslist bike. Just looking at my local Craigslist I see a mid 90's Rockhopper for $125, 2002, Trek 4900 for $300 (which I bet they would take under $200 for), and a Redline single speed for $200.

    Set your price and then wait until you find something that will get you through a season. Maybe you will even be able to transfer some better parts back to the Sport Rock from the Craigslist bike. Good luck
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    Time for a walmart bike?

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    Time for a new bike.
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    New bike!!

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